Ph.D. ECE | Formal Methods

Hi, I am Umair Siddique

I am mainly interested in the design, formal verification and safety assurance of cyber-physical systems.

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Formal verification of platoon control strategies

Rewriting-Based Runtime Verification for Alternation-Free HyperLTL

Combining Refinement and Signal-Temporal Logic for Biological Systems

Formal analysis of power electronic systems

On the Formalization of Gamma Function in HOL

On the Formalization of Signal-Flow-Graphs in HOL

Stability Verification of Optical and Laser Resonators in HOL Light

Towards Formal Reasoning about Molecular Pathways in HOL

Towards Ray Optics Formalization of Optical Imaging Systems

A new approach for the verification of optical systems

Higher-Order Logic Formalization of Geometrical Optics

On the formal analysis of geometrical optics in HOL

Formal analysis of Fractional Order Systems in Higher-order Logic

Formal modeling and analysis of biological regulatory networks using spin

The efficient implementation of S8 AES algorithm

Popular Topics

Autonomous Systems, System Safety, Machine Learning, Formal Verification